Are you looking for a designer for a website or maybe just for a banner, a logo or other graphic design that you might need for internet marketing or advertising then Marquito is the correct place for your business. Marquito can even help you with you’re internet strategy and seo optimisation.

Marquito started as a hobby and the first websites were for personal use with all kinds of beautiful and nice banners, logos, and images. After that a lot of people got the help with there websites and internet marketing. So Marquito grew into a professional designer to create websites and all that goes with it. With the all-in-one service and fast delivery you just found your best partner in internet marketing.

Why choose Marquito?

First of all, the price is very low, it’s professional and the quality is very high due to years of experience. But that’s not all because it is important to know that Marquito can offer you everything that you need for your website and internet marketing. Because you can let Marquito do everything for your website in an entire project to save a lot of extra costs.

Website design:

  • Graphic design website
  • Convert a graphic design to html and css website
  • Convert a graphic design to Joomla template or WordPress theme
  • Customize websites, template for Joomla and themes for WordPress

Everything will be delivered ready to use. After finishing you can always contact Marquito with your questions, problems and adjustments. The extra service is free because we want to be sure that you are happy and that your website and business works for you and not you working for your business.

For internet entrepreneurs, we offer the following:

  • Complete design and installation website
  • SEO search engine optimisation
  • Graphic design: banners, logos, product photos and more
  • Making and designing sales page
  • Making special registration forms, opt-in, and double-opt-in
  • Advising and helping to define the best marketing and seo strategy for your website and internet business
  • SEO advice, help and maintenance
  • We can also help to improve how visitors experience your website

Actually, there are too many possibilities to list so if you have particular needs or special plans send us and email so we can inform you what we can do for you, and your business.

Graphic design:

  • Banner design
  • Logo design
  • Design button, menu, navigation menu, icons, etc.
  • Design website logo, header
  • Design custom business cards
  • Edit pictures and photos
  • Edit product photo’s for a web shop
  • Pictures and photo reduce
  • Edit old pictures

All photos, images and designs are delivered in the highest possible resolution and therefore the best quality and are available in standard and custom sizes and you always get the original design file after finishing the project or assignment.

Need help making an e-book?

Many talented writers can write nice books but want to just concentrate on writing and nothing else and we can understand that perfectly. To help talented writers of ebooks, we can take over all matters, except the writing course.
What Marquito can do for your e-book:

  • Design e-book
  • Make a PDF document with security
  • Make a e-pub file
  • Design a cover, front page
  • Make an image of the e-book, banner
  • Illustrate the e-book
  • Editing the photos and graphics to make the e-book suitable for the Internet
  • Advise and help with your sales strategy

Looking for a cheap, reliable and professional web design and/or graphic designs and programming for your website? You will be surprised what Marquito can offer and for what price. Marquito is the best business partner for your website and internet business.